[Freedom-misc] My Job MAY Require Me to Use Nonfree Software...HELP !!!!!

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Tue Jan 8 20:54:53 CET 2019

 > I know Google is taking over the world when it comes to email, but there  
are still tons of normies who use other providers. Surely any employer would  
understand that?

It might not be for email. I've been asked to use a Gmail account to  
collaboratively edit spreadsheets. It's difficult to persuade anyone to use a  
free replacement when they are used to doing the majority of their computing  
through Screwgle Drive.

 > I would say that the big problem area when it comes to most jobs is  
actually the application process.

Several months ago my friend applied for a job for which the application  
required a Farcebook acccount.

 > Long-term, the solution to that would be to get rid of JavaScript from the  
Web (which would incidentally also solve tons of other problems at the same  
time). I'm working on a new set of articles outlining how and why to do that.

Getting rid of JS would be wonderful for many reasons. I hope you'll post  
links to your articles when they're ready.

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