[Freedom-misc] do you know the necunos.com phone?

mcz at ruggedinbox.com mcz at ruggedinbox.com
Sun Sep 30 14:50:57 CEST 2018

All cell phones are tracking devices. This is not because of proprietary  
software or hardware. It's inherent to the design of the cell network. The  
only way to turn a cell phone into something that does not allow you to be  
tracked is to disconnect it from the cell network (i.e. disabling the modem)  
at which point it is no longer a cell phone, just a portable computer.
Another lo-fi, option (also much cheaper and readily available) is a faraday  
Better test it first, don't forget to enable airplane mode to save power.
And also some signal could still leak out a bit if you're very close to a  
power cell. Could be worth a test too.
Also, xprivacylua (sends useless data instead).

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