[Freedom-misc] Free software office suites smaller than LibreOffice?

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Sat Sep 29 18:41:04 CEST 2018

Calligra components (and their KDE dependencies) are far from "lightweight".  
Unless you use KDE as your main desktop environment, you'll have to install  
lots of KDE packages as Calligra's dependencies.

The "compatibility" with Microsoft's non-free formats means nothing for me.  
Whenever I receive an attachment in non-free format (be it document, archive  
or anything else), I always formally reply that I demand free/open format and  
explain in details why non-free formats are bad for me, for him/her and for  
everyone else (and especially why Microsoft OOXML is not acknowledged as  
free/open format, although it is approved by ISO and listed in Wikipedia's  
list of open formats).

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