[Freedom-misc] Free software office suites smaller than LibreOffice?

hd-scania at users.sf.net hd-scania at users.sf.net
Sat Sep 29 04:52:43 CEST 2018

In the Wikiepdia descriptions Calligra just imports from MSOffice nonfree  
formats but doesn't export back to them, so if you don't need to back to  
nonfree MSOffice Calligra is better than LibreOffice.
The opposed case, if you need full support for nonfree MSOffice formats  
LibreOffice is your only option, for spreadsheets you can still choose  
GNUmeric, for presentations and publishments you can still choose vectors and  
PDF programs, for wording you can still choose AbiWord, for databases you can  
still choose database servers like SQlite (which FreeBSD repo are using  
this). Otherwise you will unfortunately always be fallen back to LibreOffice.

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