[Freedom-misc] Government malware (e.g. FinFisher) - what's the situation in various countries?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Sep 29 02:42:57 CEST 2018

one of the sites my library links to is the citizen lab, who did this report  
on finfisher in 2013: https://citizenlab.ca/2013/04/for-their-eyes-only-2/

but you might find more up to date information here:  

as i just went there and found stories like:

sept 18 (this year): HIDE AND SEEK: Tracking NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware to  
Operations in 45 Countries
dec 6 (last year): Commercial Spyware: The Multibillion Dollar Industry Built  
on an Ethical and Legal Quagmire
same day: Champing at the Cyberbit: Ethiopian Dissidents Targeted with New  
Commercial Spyware

theres a tonne of information on this, for example the 2013 report says:

"We have identified FinFisher Command & Control servers in 11 new Countries.  
Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Panama, Lithuania, Macedonia, South Africa,  
Pakistan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Austria."

old news, but probably still relevant. i mean, id follow up on those  

"Taken together with our previous research, we can now assert that FinFisher  
Command & Control servers are currently active, or have been present, in 36  
countries." (and it lists them)

so from those two links, you could be researching this for hours and hours.  
and i too would be interested in what replies this thread brings.

incidentally, when i found out a certain v-named company that rhymes with  
"horizon" was participating in something like that, i terminated my mobile  
contract. i dont like any of the mobile companies, and i would sooner stop  
purchasing internet than use the death star (old nickname for verizons  
biggest competitor) but nonetheless i always try to use the least evil  
company for mobile. no, im not sure who that is either.

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