[Freedom-misc] Government malware (e.g. FinFisher) - what's the situation in various countries?

wrappy.trial258 at startmail.com wrappy.trial258 at startmail.com
Sat Sep 29 00:47:01 CEST 2018

Hi everybody,

I would like to talk about malware used by government agencies and what is  
known about it around the world.

Information is often hard to find, so I would like to collect all that has  
become known to public audiences so far.

An example is the infamous FinFisher - various countries use it, but many  
also have developed their own malware.

In my eyes, this is not only a problem in countries ruled by dictators (where  
it leads to violation of human rights); it also bears risks for people in  
democratic countries (since such malware often depends on security holes,  
which are kept secret from public and thus is also affecting innocent  

So raising information would mainly have two benefits:
- helping journalists and human rights activists living in China, Russia and  
similar countries
- giving people in the (still?) free world enough knowledge to recognize the  
risks and start a public discourse

I'm mainly interested in the following points:
- names of such malware
- used in what country
- affected operating systems
- capabilities
- ways of infection

I want to make clear that this thread is only about collecting information  
that is known or can be researched by public anyway, since I don't want to  
get anybody in trouble.

Looking forward to your replies

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