[Freedom-misc] Xfce is actually GTK3 and GTK2 hybrid???

hd-scania at users.sf.net hd-scania at users.sf.net
Fri Sep 28 13:36:32 CEST 2018

My PureOS only has SDDM (replaced against GDM) and Xfce 4 (replaced against  
GNOME) installed, but has Breeze-like flavours  like xfwm4 themes,  
Breeze-dark icons and GTK controls, QtCurve-GTK2 controls, Plasma 5 system  
settings (without K Plasma shell also actually present) with SDDM-KCM and  
GTK-KCM, Qt5CT and so-on stuff to tweak Xfce 4 looking like Plasma 5.
In SystemSettings5 when I use Breeze-dark for GTK3 and QtCurve for GTK2,  
Xfce4-goodies applies Breeze-dark but the base shell applies QtCurve but  
nowhere to set dark flavours. For fully dark themes applied to the Xfce 4  
shell I need to use Breeze-dark for both GTK3 and GTK2.
There, Xfce 4 is actually GTK3 and GTK2 hybrid?

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