[Freedom-misc] GitHub Buy Out?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Sep 25 05:24:05 CEST 2018

while i wouldnt dispute the value of copyleft, when i said "its much harder  
to do this with free software" i was thinking of gnu/linux and the present  
threats to it-- not threats outside the gnu/linux ecosystem, only the ones  
within. the ones we cant solve by simply using gnu/linux. i got rid of my  
last windows installation in 2007 and ive used some variety of gnu/linux  
(including trisquel) ever since.

the kernel is copylefted software, and we know that tivoisation (addressed by  
gpl3) can happen to that. we know android and chromebooks can happen to that.  
and those of us who consider init freedom important know what can happen to  
that, but the truth is that eee (at least the first two of those) can happen  
to copylefted software as well.

the halloween documents are not historical, they are the plan, they were  
never abandoned. they describe the present just as well as the past. sure,  
weve seen a huge change in rhetoric (marketing) from redmond, but all i think  
that signifies is the enemy finally putting serious boots on our soil. i dont  
mean to make anything sound bleak, but its at least serious. if the users  
freedom is priority 1, then the #1 threat hasnt changed except to increase,  
and their favourite weapons are patents and open source. the latter has  
produced an army of neutered free software advocates-- people who like the  
software and remain completely apathetic.

eee doesnt just happen to software.

open source is what happens when eee is applied to the philosophy and  
politics themselves.

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