[Freedom-misc] GitHub Buy Out?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Sep 24 20:26:26 CEST 2018

eee is a three stage strategy. i will try to show why jxself has good cause  
to call this eee, even though it seems different (the strategy is the same)

e1: take something that belongs to everyone (code repos, python, the web)
e2: make it "yours too" (github aquisition, ironpython, activex)
e3: make it yours only/on your terms only (azure?)

eee doesnt always work, and the individual stages (or which stage we are on)  
arent as important as the fact that the goal is to make free things into  
monopolistic things, and the pattern is to make free things into monopolistic  
things, and its much harder to do this with free software...

but the pattern is always there in what monopolies do. monopolies arent about  
money, theyre about control. they will throw away money to get control,  
because once the have control they can make people give them money because  
(up to a ridiculous point) its harder to get out once youre in.

the real idea of eee is to create lock-in where none exists yet. as for why  
self-hosting is better, self-hosting is 100% immune to this. all other  
hosting is (at best) highly immune. savannah exists as long as the fsf (and  
the board of the fsf) considers it of value, so thats highly immune as long  
as the fsf has money and savannah works.

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