[Freedom-misc] FSF-endorsed social networks? Discourse, Disroot, GNUsocial, LibrePlanet, Mastodon ... else?

mcz at ruggedinbox.com mcz at ruggedinbox.com
Sun Sep 23 18:22:22 CEST 2018

Signal seemed perfect since it also has a desktop version, so it's also a  
Skype replacement.
But :
- it's not in the repo
- you sign up with a phone number (not that bad, but still)
- Google services are needed (for push only)
- It's also not decentralised/decentralisable.

Ah, I see now (wrong URL at first):
Disroot offers online hosted software under one account:
Although the non-neutral communication of the website might act as a  
deterrent to some, it's an interesting set of services for anyone not  
comfortable with self-hosting.

Matrix? only the first one.
But seriously, I couldn't (quickly) find free-software named Matrix. Keep in  
mind I suck at online search.

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