[Freedom-misc] Is Nonfree Software the Cause of Computer/Internet Addiction?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 19 04:43:37 CEST 2018

i think youre half right. i would say no, humans have evolved for millennia  
and more to value interaction, and action. we all used to run through forests  
and hunt animals (or be hunted.) we are thrill seekers. then we would get  
tired and rest. we had active lifestyles and people were not as common but we  
often had someone around. we are tribal. no matter how modern life tries to  
condition us to something else we form tribes, cliques, clubs and clans.

and modern life tries to condition us to something else-- office workers,  
passive consumers, investors. im not an anti-capitalist but this isn't really  
who we are as a species. (to this day,) this isn't in our dna.

so we are BORED. and we crave interaction but its increasingly superficial  
(not all of it, im not trying to paint this as bleak. modern life is a parody  
of life itself.) im not saying modern life invented using chemicals, shamans  
and other cultures have used them for longer. but emotions and especially  
thrills are chemicals and if the world is bored, abuse of chemicals  

television taps into that need, but video games do it better. i dont think  
you can blame that on video games being non-free, there are just more  
non-free games. if they were all free software they would work the same.

but not everything would work the same if it were free software. like ive  
said so far, a lot of this is the modern human condition. the part where i  
think youre right, is that media companies exist to turn media into soft  
drugs. and they want control, more than they want money. i mean if you  
control people, you can take their money and get them to do more-- control is  
worth more than money. lots of people (most clincical narcissists and every  
large corporation that acts that them) will actually throw away money on  
gaining more control of people, because it is a sound investment if business  
isnt something you care about the ethics of.

so youre right, but i think at least half of it is just the modern human  
condition (under these circumstances) with or without software.

i believe in the principles of free software, but id like to extend them to a  
free society. one of the things i like about free software is that it isnt  
action alone-- theres a lot of thought in it. and id really like that thought  
applied to more than software (coding is my favourite hobby since i was kid  
and ever since, but i dont want this philosophy to stop with "just" software  
even if its an essential place to start.) 

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