[Freedom-misc] Mobile Devices Respecting Software Freedom (follow-up)

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Mon Sep 17 19:35:06 CEST 2018


definitely it's safer to assume that (even the Replicant website confirms  
I also agree that "no smartphone" isn't acceptable for the large majority of  
Wich is also it's downside since most of what it's used for is private.
I'll ignore everything behavioral linked to smartphones for now (addiction,  
ego stroking from companies to datamine...)

To illustrate, you said :
a single mobile device can replace a whole backpack full of devices (eg  
phone, camera, music player) and heavy paper (phrase book, paper maps, bus  
and train timetables, newspapers/ magazines/ books). It can do many things  
that can be done with a laptop, but a laptop can't be carried in a pocket,  
and it's battery won't last all day without a charge.".

This leads to any alternative ways to still use a smartphone (or two), and  
still keep a good chunk of my data (mostly) private.
The only answer I can come up for now is separation of powers:
1. A faraday pouch? I still feel a bit weird about it (thinking I'm doing too  
much, paranoid ninja stuff).
If it's a normal phone, for both personal and pro use, the faraday pouch is  
merely a tool to keep it offline most of the time, like to not reveal your  
Which is pointless if one uses public transport or a car (in the near  
Unless living in truly oppressive countries, it doesn't make much sense.  
Faraday for the phone is 99% of the time overkill.
Yet it's good to know it's here if needed.
Also, all my communications, even if I keep them to the minimum (which is  
key), are monitored one way or the other.
What it is: a phone that I can take off the grid if I ever feel the need to.  
Also can be used for stuff about transport you mentioned as well.
What it's not : a cam, a music player, everything else you listed, which is  
for a second device (which not everyone can afford, I know)

2. An offline device, ideally with ways to prevent parts of the os and apps  
to ever connect on their own (not really happening without fully free  
I wonder if a freshly installed Replicant phone, with zero access to the web  
save maybe occasional tethering, is "undetectable".
The point would be a secure offline PDA (for personal org files, a pdf reader  
and the occasional offline map).
In that case, the faraday would be pointless. I mean Wi-Fi is disabled, and  
there's no chip for the modem to identify.
WayGo looks great, although probably non free. But might be OK for privacy  
since it works offline, and might be prevented to connect on its own.
That's assuming I can install it without connecting to google play...

What do you think?

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