[Freedom-misc] connect the web forum for this list to libreplanet instead?

strypey at disintermedia.net.nz strypey at disintermedia.net.nz
Mon Sep 17 10:28:22 CEST 2018

 > why did a new mailing list need to be created for this topic? <

The list was created because this is standard practice when a new board is  
created on the Trisquel forums. The "general free software talk" board was  
created because there was a need to allow the Trisquel-users forum to be  
focused on answering questions from Trisquels users (especially newbies) and  
helping us solve problems we encounter using the distro. But also a desire  
not to suppress the wider discussion of what free code software, free network  
services etc to use with Trisquel, that had been somewhat overwhelming  
Trisquel-users, and interfering with that helpdesk function.

 > "i suspect that most people posting to this list are not using email but  
the web interface"

This certainly describes my use pattern.

 > "[associated this forum with the LibrePlanet list] could bridge the users  
of those two disperate venues rather than splintering, and would probably be  
minimal inconvenience to users"

Sounds fine to me. So long as membership of the LibrePlanet list doesn't  
require a paid membership to the FSF, as freemedia suggests it might. One of  
the goals of the Trisquel community is to be an accessible portal for users  
who are new to the software freedom movement. Even though I'm sure we'd all  
encourage anyone to become a financial members of the FSF, making this  
payment a condition of entry would harm our ability to server as an easily  
accessible portal.

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