[Freedom-misc] Re : I think the Raptor machines run Trisquel

lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br
Sun Sep 16 01:24:14 CEST 2018

It has been investigated that deriving from ubuntu is more clever than from  
debian?  Sound strange.

As I told you: quidam used to base Trisquel on Debian.  See the oldest news  
pertaining to Trisquel on DistroWatch for instance:  

I would think getting the required software from debian would be the most  
efficient solution?

Define "efficient".  As we told you: the development effort would be similar,  
Trisquel would have less free software, in older versions, the project would  
become redundant with gNewSense.

But if the fsf has the numbers then there is no reason not to give them to  

As I wrote and as a consequence of freedom 2, nobody can have the "real"  

That does not say fsf has no expenses regarding trisquel.

Obviously financial reports do not list the ways the money is *not* spent!

Is it not the non free firmware and software in ubuntu which depends on non  
free software?

Yes, Ubuntu is clearly worse than Debian w.r.t. the kernel.  The Trisquel  
project deblobs Ubuntu's kernels with a script that is similar to  
Libre-libre's.  It could also simply copy the packages in jxself's repository  
(accepting not to have the same versions Ubuntu tested... which is probably  
why quidam keeps on deblobbing Ubuntu's kernel):  

Asking people to use and support free software and hardware which can run on  
free software only also if it is inconvenient and then refusing to spend  
2000usd on getting a talos computer and have it tested such that interested  
people can inform themselves is a wrong decision.

If Raptor Computing Systems wants the RYF label, it will have to send the  
hardware for the FSF to test it.

Who covers the expenses for hosting trisquel? Who covers the expenses  
regarding the trisquel forum? If it is fsf then your answer is not correct.

That is twice the same question.  The answer is the Trisquel project itself.   
It has funds through one-time donations and monthly donations (members):  
$ whois trisquel.info
Registrant Organization: Asociacion Trisquel para el desarrollo y la  
promocion del Software Libre

I have heard fsf has set an amount of time he can spend on trisquel.

Is that true?  Pardon me to ask for a reference but given the amount of  
things you make up in that thread (to somehow prove that that the Trisquel  
project is stupid/not clever and so is the FSF)...

If trisquel have few users and fsf cannot spend 2000usd on a computer and  
because other systems are available then no.

Trisquel is certainly the most popular GNU/Linux distribution the FSF  
endorses.  By your logic, the FSF should spend money on Ubuntu (probably the  
GNU/Linux distribution with the highest number of users) and on computers she  
does not need.  Fortunately, that is not the FSF's logic.

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