[Freedom-misc] Mobile Devices Respecting Software Freedom (follow-up)

mcz at ruggedinbox.com mcz at ruggedinbox.com
Fri Sep 14 19:50:35 CEST 2018

I see what you mean. The potential end of cash payment would only lead there.
But at least you don't have the "social credit" kind of stuff (yet). That'll  
be full dystopia level of creepiness.

I don't even understand how such level of power can be allocated to companies  
and governments even with open arms.
I just don't get it. Comfort? No interest/ignorance of the subject/blind  
Anyway, I hope you won't be forced to WeChat. But somehow I seriously doubt  

In such hypothetic scenario, I for now see no better strategy than the above,  
which is mainly damage control/making the target smaller, and having other  
means of communication/payment.
But hey, who knows.

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