[Freedom-misc] scuttlebot.io / scuttlebutt.nz

strypey at disintermedia.net.nz strypey at disintermedia.net.nz
Wed Sep 12 12:07:09 CEST 2018

 > "I like researching Free Software communications apps that are  
decentralized ..."

You might be interested in the DWeb series of blog posts on this topic. Here  
is the piece published there on Scuttlebutt:

 > "I have played the most with Bitmessage, Retroshare and ZeroNet"

I'd love to learn more about your experiences with these apps. Have you  
written them up somewhere, eg on a blog or on these forums? If not, that  
would be really helpful.

 > "I am hearing about this scuttlebutt.nz/scuttlebot.io which I have not  
tested yet"

I can't comment on the intricacies of the licensing, security etc (I know  
when I'm not qualified to commment), but I will say that I know the man who  
created the original Scuttlebutt, who I met through a local MakerSpace, and I  
know of a number of the other core contributors through their involvement in  
projects related to Enspiral and Loomio. So I can confirm that this tech was  
not created by some shady group of spooks of crackers, but a group of people  
who share our concerns about software freedom and privacy. If there are any  
freedom or security issues with any Scuttlebutt / SSB implementation, I'm  
confident it would be worth bringing them up with the devs, and that they  
would be taken seriously and addressed ASAP.

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