[Freedom-misc] I think the Raptor machines run Trisquel

svhaab at gmail.com svhaab at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 17:58:37 CEST 2018

 > Debian follows the DFSG, whereas Trisquel follows the FSDG. Both are  
concerned with freedom, but the FSDG has some requirements that the DFSG does  

You are right. I left out that part which was a mistake. Instead I will write
you may use, share, modify and redistribute the software. Because fsdg is  
counts and fsf defines fsdg a trisquel system will be more free than a debian
system. By that standard debian is not free software. What I have opposed and
will continue doing so is, if someone claims that debian main contains  
which you may not use, share, modify and redistribute.
If someone says trisquel is not fsdg free software I will rebut him. If  
says, debian main contains software you may not use, share, modify and  
then everyone should rebute him. Not defending debian is a disloyal act  
software you may use, share, modify and redistribute.

 > This does not make Trisquel more free than Debian, but it has practical  
benefits. I don't think that's stupid.

Would it not be more efficient if there was a cooperation between trisquel  
and debian such
that trisquel would get the software before any non free software gets added?  
removing the non free software a small task? If not then adding and removing  
same software is stupid and ought to be avoided. Why can't it be avoided?
Why is trisquel derived from ubuntu and not debian?

 > adds free software.
Could trisquel not deal with that part of the configuration by providing a  
script which
people would then run if they wanted to?
Would it not save costs?

I asked fsf to tell all and every cost fsf defrey regarding trisquel for the  
2016 and 2017? And I asked how many use trisquel or how may they think
use trisquel? I got no answers.
If the costs are significantly and there are few trisquel users, then fsf  
not engage in trisquel. Stallman told me, fsf will not obtain a talos  
because fsf already has free software computers and a talos computer
would be too expensive. There are other free software systems
than trisquel. If trisquel gets money from fsf, it should stop.

 > If you install Ubuntu, then you will have nonfree software on your  
Would that be drivers, firmware or what you call it, which would make various
devices run on the talos computer, because the powerpc architecture does
not require non free software?

 > Please try to not read too much into posts and assume things like "When I  
read your post I get the impression that you believe it
is required that a computer runs trisquel in order to be the
most free software computer."

You are right. I should not have written it. It has happened that it has been  
said that debian
contains software which you may not use, share, modify and redistribute. I  
it happened again.

 > Trisquel is very friendly towards non-technical people
It should be friendly towards all. Which has not always been the case.

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