[Freedom-misc] lavabit is back

andyprough at gmail.com andyprough at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 05:59:14 CEST 2018

This is very intriguing. Cheaper than protonmail for the same number of GB's,  
and fully opensource whereas protonmail's internal servers are proprietary.

Lavabit still needs to make its mail client available. Currently, the level  
of privacy via SMTP and POP/IMAP is not as high as with protonmail, which  
claims not to be able to read any of your data.

Protonmail has a few advantages at the current moment. It offers a free  
account with .5GB of space, whereas lavabit doesn't seem to have a free  
account option. It is based in Switzerland, and claims to be completely  
unable to comply with 3rd party demands for data (since it has no access to  
your unencrypted data).

I'm planning to stay with protonmail for the moment, but when Lavabit's mail  
clients are released and their level of security is thereby increased, that  
could be a game changer.

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