[Freedom-misc] Local Organization's Database Project

hartkemd at posteo.net hartkemd at posteo.net
Sat Sep 1 07:44:11 CEST 2018

I just started volunteering with a local organization that works with the  
homeless. They were looking for someone to help with creating a database for  
holding their clients' exit survey results.

Initially, the project was going to be done with Microsoft Access. I lightly  
suggested LibreOffice, but they said they preferred Access in this case. I  
didn't want to argue since I'm just starting there. There may be more room  
for free software in the future if I stay with them.

I created the structure for the database and started making a form that would  
be used by other volunteers to enter data.
While creating the form for data entry, we ran into some problems.

I started thinking about alternate solutions involving something like PHP &  
MySQL, but I don't have very much programming experience, and I'm not sure  
how long they want to wait for my solution, or if they would be able to  
provision a server or whatever to host the web application.

They are now thinking of using Google Forms. I played around with it some and  
it might work for them, however it's not free software. In addition, Google  
does not respect freedom/privacy.

Are these my only options, or are there others I am missing?

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