[Freedom-misc] I think the Raptor machines run Trisquel

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Sun Sep 9 21:56:12 CEST 2018

 > adding and removing the
same software is stupid and ought to be avoided. Why can't it be avoided?
 >Why is trisquel derived from ubuntu and not debian?

It is not "adding and removing the same software." Ubuntu also adds free  
software that Trisquel does not remove. If Trisquel were based on Debian, it  
would not benefit from Ubuntu's improvements over Debian. Ubuntu is a more  
beginner-friendly distro than Debian, and being based on Ubuntu is partly why  
Trisquel is beginner-friendly. Non-hackers deserve freedom too, so it is  
important that there is an easy-to-use free distro.

 >> If you install Ubuntu, then you will have nonfree software on your  
 > Would that be drivers, firmware or what you call it, which would make  
 > devices run on the talos computer

No, the Talos does not require non-free software. If it did then Debian would  
not run on it without non-free/contrib enabled. However, Ubuntu includes  
non-free software, so you will have non-free software on your computer if you  
install Ubuntu, even if that computer is a Talos.

 > Stallman told me, fsf will not obtain a talos computer
 > because fsf already has free software computers and a talos computer
 > would be too expensive.

That sounds reasonable to me. The FSF doesn't have a lot of money, so it  
would be unwise to spend a money on a new computer if there is nothing wrong  
with the computers they already have. Maybe if they ever do need new  
computers in the future then they will buy from them Raptor.

 > If trisquel gets money from fsf, it should stop.

Trisquel is very important and it would be great if the FSF could help fund  
it, but I don't think the FSF has enough money to do so even if they want to.  
You claimed in another thread also that Trisquel receives money from the FSF  
and I already told you that this is not true.

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