[Freedom-misc] What is your favourite login manager?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Oct 4 16:55:03 CEST 2018

"no people are forced to be stuck on certain free software packages."

technically, no people are forced to use windows either. but the whole secure  
boot thing is pretty rotten. this statement doesnt try to prove anything, its  
only to tries to get you to slow down and rethink this statement. what does  
it mean that "no people are forced?"

"you are always free to run any non-tiling wm with LXQt desktop, surely no  
people are forced to be tied on ancient-looking Openbox."

i dont know which post youre replying to, but personally i never argued that  
dm/lm tied you to a desktop. i never asserted any tie between dm and desktop.

"every free software packages are run under your own choice."

as an isolated choice whether to run or not run, yes-- you can remove any  
software package. but this appears to prove something else too that it doesnt  
prove, which is that you arent ever restricted.

"No free software packages are restricting or forcing sth against your will.  

forcing, perhaps not. but that doesnt mean they arent restricting. this is  
bordering on wordplay that moves carefully away from the reality of the  
situation. namely:

1. deliberate moves (eee-like) are being made to push certain people away  
from some software and towards others. but the real problem isnt this as much  
as the ways in which this being accomplished.

2. instead of being forced, developers are working to make it increasingly  
difficult to exercise choice. the evidence is twofold: 1. it is increasingly  
difficult to exercise choice, even when it is important or necessary to do so  
(we can quibble about "necessary" later.) 2. if its not deliberate, there are  
developers and fans who mock users and say they have no choice, it isnt about  
choice. these developers are in the minority, but so are free projects that  
try to make software less free.

3. these moves are repeatedly documented and protested, at which point  
someone decides to waive them away with a goofy semantic argument:

technically there were no one forced upgrades to windows 10, they could have  
just removed their ethernet cable or wifi settings and continued using 7 or  
xp. i mean we can just quibble all day about the meaning of "forced" and miss  
the truth that people are being restricted based on semantic arguments. but  
thats a silly game because it puts in so much effort to miss the point.

this wont ever change until more people commit to being a little more honest  
about their debate. its not a game, its a search for truth. getting petty  
with semantics insults everyone involved-- but some of us (myself) are used  
to it.

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