[Freedom-misc] Is the OpenBSD kernel free software?

hd-scania at users.sf.net hd-scania at users.sf.net
Thu Oct 4 15:35:30 CEST 2018

OpenBSD, the only *BSD project whose kernel policy is against blob drivers,  
but still has nonfree programs, so still not FSF-endorsed due to this. If I  
contribute to LibertyBSD which the OpenBSD kernel is really free software I  
* Drop OpenBSD base system and instead migrate to HardenedBSD base system,  
then publish the deblobbed FreeBSD kernel in codename of Freedo. Will instead  
publish the free as in freedom OpenBSD kernel under /compat/OpenBSD.
* No ZFS support at all due to GPL violations. UFS manual partitioning is  
required for bsdinstall.
* Insteadly the full e2fs support will be available in my base system.
* Apply the Parabola’s your-freedom blacklist to HardenedBSD base system,  
after done I will be self-hosting for my works , then allow mirrors using  
SourceForge, GitLab, Not-a-bug.
* Liberate Qt5-WebEngine by replacing with LightSpark against nonfree Flash  
deps, then rebrand using my codename Qt5-IceEngine, finally add this to my  
new LibertyBSD base system.
* Add OpenRC and GNU+Shepherd init systems to the new LibertyBSD base system.  
Both are missing in HBSD but OpenRC is found in Trident, TrueOS, GhostBSD as  
default init.
* Finally make a few desktop USB installers, flavoured in Lumina, Plasma,  
Xfce, MATE, finally few tilings, these GUI shell will be added as an option  
in my bsdinstall TUI program. If GRUB-EFI is also opted in update-grub will  
also be run for you.
You are still welcome to have feedbacks to me to invite the first *BSD  
project that’s also an GNU project. :)

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