[Freedom-misc] What is your favourite login manager?

hd-scania at users.sf.net hd-scania at users.sf.net
Thu Oct 4 14:38:03 CEST 2018

There just aren’t tight or strict deps between login manager and desktops,  
an example is, SDDM doesn’t switch users if you’re on Xfce4, only LightDM  
or GDM will work, but still not an excuse to blame SDDM, honestly SDDM is  
most themable and smallest, you still can theme under just SDDM-KCM without  
an installed Plasma shell.
GDM is bloated and too much GNOME-dependent, LightDM is small but doesn’t  
have GUI theming modules, but still not an excuse to blame LightDM and GDM,  
that no people are forced to be stuck on certain free software packages. As  
told before you are always free to run any non-tiling wm with LXQt desktop,  
surely no people are forced to be tied on ancient-looking Openbox.
In short every free software packages are run under your own choice. No free  
software packages are restricting or forcing sth against your will. :)

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