[Freedom-misc] FreedomBox

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Oct 4 04:28:34 CEST 2018

regarding the debian kernel, there is a really interesting aspect of it is  
that while it only contains free software, it creates an error message when  
non-free firmware (or free firmware) is missing from the installation.

this trips the fsf requirement of not recommending non-free software, similar  
to when firefox recommends you install missing adobe plugins.

with firefox, the solution is simply to recompile without the error. with the  
debian kernel and linux-libre, a fascinating problem is created where the way  
to fix the dont-recommend-non-free-software issue makes it impossible to load  
existing non-free firmware. this bug has existed in linux-libre for a decade,  
and is not an intended aspect of the design. linux-libre does not stop you  
from loading non-free modules on purpose, it is an unwanted side-effect.

since the nature of a kernel message telling you about "missing firmware" is  
quite different than firefox bothering you about installing adobe (a  
distinction that is difficult to prove though) and since icecat doesnt  
prevent non-free plugin installation the way that linux-libre does, my own  
solution is just use the debian kernel.

but no debian binary kernel (or distro based on it) is going to meet the fsf  
requirements. only linux-libre and libertybsd could do that. (libertybsd  
might even need a name change first, because it refers to bsd.)

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