[Freedom-misc] I think the Raptor machines run Trisquel

svhaab at gmail.com svhaab at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 22:08:19 CEST 2018

 > Define "efficient"

It is not more efficient to derive from debian than ubuntu considering ubuntu  
is a debian
derivative which adds non free software?
Trisquel should explain why they have chosen ubuntu over debian on their faq.

 > redundant with gNewSense

It looks like nothing is going on about gnewsense.
Programming on both gnewsense and trisquel would be a waste of effort
and money. The user base does not justify two systems.

 > nobody can have the "real" numbers

That is why I also asked for an assessment.

 > money is *not* spent!

If fsf covers trisquel expenses I do not think they will be listed on the
document you listed.

 > https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/financial-information

You are right. It appears trisquel do not spend more than trisquel earns.
There is no link to the website on trisquel's homepage?

 > send the hardware for the FSF to test it.

Fsf is taking a back seat. Fsf should be up front on free software
compatible computers and themselves buy and test the hardware.

 > ask for a reference

Does ruben say he gets paid by the fsf but works on trisquel in his
free time? Or does ruben say he is able to work on trisquel during his fsf
hours? I read the latter.

 > make up

Making up is an overstretch. I was not able to find the wiki site you listed.  
if fsf is providing servers for trisquel and lets ruben work on trisquel on
fsf's payroll then fsf have has trisquel related expenses.

 > spend money on Ubuntu

No. If fsf does not want to spend money on testing free software computers  
should not spend money on trisquel because there are other free software  
recommended by the fsf.

 > Why would the FSF know that?

I assumed some of fsf staff is keeping themselves informed about trisquel.  
maybe they could tell what they know?

 > The FSF has never spent money to fund Trisquel

If the money trisquel receives covers the trisquel expenses then you are
right. In that case it should be easy for fsf to answer my email and
tell me fsf are covering no trisquel expenses. Fsf has not
answered me.

 > he is not paid for the time he spends on Trisquel

Then I misread what ruben wrote.

 > Where did you hear otherwise?


 > to use every single piece of free software and hardware that exists in  
order to recommend it.

We are talking about the only new mainboard which is able to run entirely on
free software. That is not every single piece of hardware. If free software
mainboards were many and tests available I would not ask fsf to promote or
test any given mainboard.

 > they should talk to the FSF

Raptor should. If they have not then fsf should buy one and test it.

 > David is probably the one to contact

Not ruben?

 > most people to use a free system.

What about pureos?

 > it should not be a priority now.

Fsf should buy and test the only new free software mainboard which is for  

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