[Freedom-misc] What is your favourite login manager?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 3 05:00:49 CEST 2018

"LightDM did not allow to lock GNOME Shell"

really a serious question here, whether based on being misinformed or just  
wrong-- are you really sure its "lightdm did not allow" to lock gnome shell,  
or is it more like "gnome shell, like many things from the gnome team, is not  
designed to work with anything other than other gnome components?" because  
anyone can design that way, but the gnome team seems to have a real penchant  
for it, or takes a special pride in it.

will probably get downvoted but really, its not the "design" that bothers me.  
its the taking (and expressing) pride in things that dont work with anything  
else even when it would probably be trivial to make them more compatible that  
makes me "hate" gnome. (the same way i hate companies who produce more  
pronounced forms of lock-in.) so it is definitely a serious (and  
philosophical) question and not just a chance to gripe or moan as some (in  
other communities) might paint it. i dont expect all software to be great,  
but i DO expect attitudes towards user freedom to not be antagonistic to the  
point where it shows up in the design. and this isnt just at gnome either,  
but i think its relevant. in fact i think its going to be (already is) one of  
the most important issues free software faces these days.

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