[Freedom-misc] What is your favourite login manager?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 3 03:49:20 CEST 2018

id just use xdm if it didnt tend to screw up dpi (more than any alternative.)  
and im sure you can workaround that too (or theyd probably bugfix it?) but  
out of the box (whatever that even means with regards to a dm/lm) i dont  
consider xdm a great option, its not in the race.

for us init freedom types, lightdm has caused a couple problems (i guess?)  
but for the most part, people have gotten it working in some of the contexts  
that matter most. i think we mostly agree on lightdm actually.

dm/lm is almost useless imo. almost-- but still definitely not useless. for  
people who like a graphical experience (whether theyre ubuntus original  
demographic or kernel hackers that like a finished desktop appearance) a dm  
is a component worth maintaining. id like slim if it had one or two more  
features and better defaults, while lightdm already has more than it needs.  
and this will sound absurd but seriously, slim needs a better default  
theme/in debian at least.

note that trisquel is the very CLOSEST thing im willing to consider touching  
in the debian family. i leaned on debian for years, ive sworn off it-- im  
experimenting with something trisquel-based at the moment. other debian stuff  
i will not touch again, though i did recommend one other dw-recognised distro  
recently-- whose main developer i met in person a couple times.

i guess if i was using kde, id want the lm/dm that goes with it. but any  
lm/dm from something as heavy as gnome or kde id prefer to avoid, unless  
consistent theming was a major priority (its usually not. i mean, i still  
prefer icewm. what do you think "goes with" that?) 

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