[Freedom-misc] creating forums for cooperatives

jaisgossman at gmail.com jaisgossman at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 21:44:14 CET 2018

Hello world!

I am on a mission.  I don't have a lot of knowledge to help me out, so I am  
throwing this line out into the ether to see if my mission might be able to  
be accomplished.  My mission is to create a forum for a food cooperative that  
I am starting with some others, and eventually to host this forum on a server  
that is in our cooperative.  However, I have very little know-how.  I managed  
to get Trisquel installed on my own laptop, after I had used Linux Mint for  
some time (I no longer can use mint, for reasons unknown to me...)

But all that is beside the point of finding out what forum service I could  
use, and if there is a good one, how do I begin administering it?  I have no  
knowledge of how to do this, but after numerous failed attempts in other  
directions, I am here, asking for advice.  I want to learn how to build this  
forum service for our co-op members and volunteers "from the ground up", so  
that I might better be of service to that community.

What are the suggestions?  Keep in mind I can't do it all at once.  My  
mission is to have something semi-workable by March, so I will be taking baby  
steps.  I consider it a learning process.  Some basics of my situation: I am  
using Trisquel on an old acer laptop aspire 5610Z.  I am trying to  
participate in the EOMA68 project on crowdsupply and hope to do some  
experimentation with that.

So, first steps first, what forum service should I use?  Or am I getting  
ahead of myself?

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