[Freedom-misc] btrvrms -- a better vrms

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Oct 27 06:59:22 CEST 2018

i would recommend this just for practical reasons, because i was reading it  
today as part of my research into just how poor a tool vrms is:  

note that automated checking is actually suggested as a useful step (not a  
guarantee of being fully free.)

vrms only checks items that are in public repos, which is a fact i could use  
to make a very useful tool. that doesnt mean i would never take it beyond  
that single purpose, it just means that if i didnt, a useful tool would still  

of course i expect criticism and people telling me it isnt worthwhile to do  
this. and thats useful, id like to know how many people feel that way.

but i still recommend the fsdg review guide, as this tool will a. help find  
non-free stuff b. make it very clear what its own limitations are-- avoiding  
a problem that exists in vrms and c. provide some useful commentary on  
problems for software freedom that a surprising number of users are quite  
unaware of.

but negative feedback is expected with this-- from both sides of the fully  
free fence.

i take a lot of inspiration from teaching and tutoring, and this will be  
useful to me in that regard. but i plan to be at least thorough enough that  
people making and promoting free distros would possibly benefit from it.

for example, someone was talking about how to make devuan libre. this tool  
would find 100% (not a guarantee, a likelihood since im very familiar with  
devuan and it is mostly free) of problems with the live version, and report  
them to the user. theres a lot of guesswork that goes into peoples discussion  
about other distros-- this would reduce it.

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