[Freedom-misc] Does this mean Librem 15 can be Librebooted?

onpon4 at riseup.net onpon4 at riseup.net
Mon Oct 22 07:25:40 CEST 2018

 > except the links i posted went beyond running me cleaner, into doing  
research on parts of the me that it doesnt even do anything with.

I would think Purism would contribute its findings upstream to me_cleaner.  
That would make the most sense, no?

Regardless of what kind of reverse-engineering and cracking Purism might  
(have) come up with, the Intel ME proprietary firmware is always going to  
run. Always. All that can be done is to reduce the capability of that  
firmware, or to exploit vulnerabilities to run arbitrary extra code. You're  
not ever going to be in a situation where the proprietary Intel ME firmware  
is removed entirely from these machines, and you're almost certainly never  
going to end up in a situation where you can replace it with libre firmware.

 > i have used a lot of old computers. i can more or less assure you that  
trisquel 8 would not run very nicely on any of them. this isnt a diss on  
trisquel-- my own stripped down os (including the stripped down trisquel)  
wouldnt run very nicely on any of them either (and ive run it on a p4 with  
half a gig of ram.)

Based on what? "Nicely" how? "Stripped down" how?

 > tell me what computers (other than the ones already on the ryf list, just  
because i know that list already) do not "always run proprietary software."  
libreboot already lists them, right?

Lots of ARM SoCs will run without any proprietary software, albeit without  
graphical hardware acceleration. In fact many ARM devices come with a libre  
bootloader (Das U-Boot) by default. Also MIPS, and then of course there's the  
TALOS products and RISC-V. It's only x86 that's fatally flawed as far as I  

 > every arm device ive touched was locked down and had proprietary components  
and probably wasnt too secure against state intrusion.

Like I said, many ARM SoCs will run without any proprietary software, just  
with reduced capability. The Pyra should be one example, and the EOMA68-A20  
computer card is another. There's even a Chromebook, the C201, which will  
work without any proprietary software and with minimal modifications (just  
install a libre OS, add a USB WiFi adapter, and you're good to go).

 > what are my options?

Right now? The fastest option right now would be those old ThinkPads.

For the near future, hopefully EOMA68 setups should become a realistic option  
reasonably soon, and that would provide a clear and easy upgrade path if it  
becomes successful. There's also the DragonBox Pyra if you install a libre OS  
on it.

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