[Freedom-misc] Does this mean Librem 15 can be Librebooted?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Oct 21 06:19:39 CEST 2018

If we refer to Jason's "Titanic" analogy, this is really the equivalent of  
playing music out on the dock to keep the evacuees from panicking or being  
too uncomfortable. Not a waste of effort by any means, but not a solution  

except the links i posted went beyond running me cleaner, into doing research  
on parts of the me that it doesnt even do anything with.

i have used a lot of old computers. i can more or less assure you that  
trisquel 8 would not run very nicely on any of them. this isnt a diss on  
trisquel-- my own stripped down os (including the stripped down trisquel)  
wouldnt run very nicely on any of them either (and ive run it on a p4 with  
half a gig of ram.)

tell me what computers (other than the ones already on the ryf list, just  
because i know that list already) do not "always run proprietary software."

i like jasons argument, though at least tell me which ships are not headed  
for giant icebergs. because it seems like the only ones that arent move very  
slowly and are continuing to age. we will need new ships eventually.

and im not saying "choose librem" over something better.

im saying if nothings better, at least theyre doing new freedom-related  

this seems like exactly the stuff we should be learning, whether we use  
librem or not.

other than the existing ryf list-- whats better? note there is a related  
thread on this forum where they ask why all the freedom-respecting stuff is  
"so aging." im all for research into the newer stuff, even if it hasnt  
created ideal results yet-- one more time, what has? id be keen to know not  
just for rhetorical reasons, but for the sake of determining future  

i also feel like librem isnt being given enough credit, but im totally with  
you on "this by itself isnt good enough." is arm somehow better? every arm  
device ive touched was locked down and had proprietary components and  
probably wasnt too secure against state intrusion. even the bunny laptop  
doesnt seem like more than a partial step forward. like librem.

whats better? the computer im using now hasnt had me cleaner run on it. so  
thats not better.

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