[Freedom-misc] Does this mean Librem 15 can be Librebooted?

onpon4 at riseup.net onpon4 at riseup.net
Sun Oct 21 05:01:39 CEST 2018

If you buy a Librem laptop, you're buying a system that will always run  
proprietary software (the Intel ME firmware, which is not removed*), but is  
slightly better than what you find at most stores because much of the Intel  
ME's capability has been removed. If we refer to Jason's "Titanic" analogy,  
this is really the equivalent of playing music out on the dock to keep the  
evacuees from panicking or being too uncomfortable. Not a waste of effort by  
any means, but not a solution either.

* What Purism means by "disabled and neutralized", when talking about the ME,  
is that they applied the me_cleaner script, which takes advantage of a quirk  
in the signature checking allowing it to remove parts of the ME firmware  
which are not essential to the boot process, and cause it to shut off after  
booting is completed. That proprietary software is still being run. You can  
take a look at the script yourself here:


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