[Freedom-misc] Anybody got their Eoma68?

christian at priest.com christian at priest.com
Fri Oct 19 23:00:44 CEST 2018

There's no default desktop environment.  You have to install one from the  

I use Parabola as a somewhat naive user.  I have mine set up so that I do  
almost everything from XFCE, the only thing I use the terminal for regularly  
is updating the system.  The challenge is in getting it set up.

I originally started using Parabola because I thought it would help me learn  
system details and the terminal better, but really what I learned is how to  
find relevant information in technical manuals.  I'm probably a lot more  
naive than most Parabola or Arch users, but I've had it working well for me  
for a couple years.  I still need manuals when I need to do a fresh install,  
but I've gotten pretty quick with it now.

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