[Freedom-misc] Simple Trisquel Alternative for AMD

calmstorm at posteo.de calmstorm at posteo.de
Thu Oct 18 23:41:24 CEST 2018

Lol @ the sarcasm you just pulled.

Sorry, its in the rules that we don't recommend non-free software.

In my opinion though, if you really want free, libre hardware that's cheap,

minifree.org has a libreboot x200.  PS, I use one and I enjoy it immensely.   
And yes, it is compatible with trisquel 8.  it is 12.5 inches though.

But minifree.org has other bigger ones if needed. I got mine at libiquity  

Only thing is, you need to know how to do wire transfer. but there is an easy  


Tell me if this response is better. ;)

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