[Freedom-misc] Does this mean Librem 15 can be Librebooted?

calmstorm at posteo.de calmstorm at posteo.de
Thu Oct 18 23:26:17 CEST 2018

If someone confirms it is indeed libre from fsf, I will start recommending  
librem to those who are newbies and want privacy/freedom but only if it  
becomes librebootable.

This is obviously not going to happen for a long time though I imagine... But  
when it does I will do my above statement...

But if people are more experienced/paitent, I will be honest, I will not  
recommend librem ever with or without intel me, because I feel that in  
general intel is a wasteland.

This I say even with Libreboot.  I don't like arm too much either, but eoma68  
libre laptop is so much better for other reasons in two words: The Potential.

By The potential I mean this: Upgradeable, lightweight,  
Extended-Long-Term-Support, Risc-V potential but most of all, less potential  
for something unforseen such as security risk or bug like meltdown/spectre  
for example... ugh.

Like Jxself said, we need to get off the titanic.  He is wise to say this. A  
while back I predicted that something like the me cleaner would come out of  
nowhere,  but I now think that it doesn't matter.

  Who knows what issues the newer intel processors may have that the old ones  
don't. Remember intel isn't secure or intelligent... ;p

that was a bad pun I know, but yeah.

RISC-V is the future!

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