[Freedom-misc] Simple Trisquel Alternative for AMD

john.rook at vfemail.net john.rook at vfemail.net
Thu Oct 18 10:25:13 CEST 2018

Hi Everyone,

Can I have some suggestions for a very simple, easy to use, relatively  
uncompromised & freedom respecting linux alternative to Trisquel even if its  
not FSF endorsed.

Reason being I have a laptop with an AMD processor which, with Trisquel, runs  
super hot (I've burnt out one transformer already) + the graphics/screen is  
elongated, so its not very workable.

While I'd prefer Trisquel, having checked briefly on the forums it seems this  
is an issue with any AMD computer. I've tried to upload jxself's kernel but  
it makes no difference to the visuals & running very hot. I can't keep  
burning out transformers & looking at an elongated screen.

I tried Linux Mint, but didn't like it very much. I'd also like the ability  
to delete metadata in photos/jpegs which Linux Mint didn't appear to offer.

I just need a simple system for this computer that's relatively hassle free &  
not too dissimilar to Trisquel.

Thanks in advance for any advice & suggestions.

** Would be very helpful if there was a Trisquel page detailing which  
computers/processors it worked with so newbies like me would know what to buy  
if ever upgrading etc.

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