[Freedom-misc] Why are Libreboot PCs and Replicant Androids so aging?

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Tue Oct 16 12:52:36 CEST 2018

Boot Guard and similar anti-features render it impossible to modify the  

And according to M$'s policy, in order to preload Losedows OS, manufacturers  
must implement UEFI with Secure Boot enabled.

For manufacturers, in order to satisfy the majority of users who are deeply  
locked in M$'s "ecosystem", they must ship their systems with preloaded  

So, just buy one used SandyBridge or IvyBridge system from the grey market  
and hope it lasts long enough.

Mobile phones and tablets have even more anti-features than desktop and  
laptop computers. Some manufacturers even don't allow users to unlock the  
bootloader at all (M$, Apple, Huawei, etc.).

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