[Freedom-misc] Free software office suites smaller than LibreOffice?

dhood at fastmail.com dhood at fastmail.com
Thu Oct 11 02:01:57 CEST 2018

Rather than asking what "suite" is the most "light weight", would it not make  
more sense to ask yourself what you really need to be productive? By  
definition a "suite" of software is a collection of different parts designed  
to do many things.

I do most of my writing in Nano since I only need a text editor with a spell  
check. For compatibility ive used various viewers, but right now have  
Libre-writer (not all of libre-office) installed on one machine. I basically  
use it to view files sent to me and then convert them to plan text for my  
other, less powerful machines.

Nano handles all of my writing, the html/css for my personal webpage, and my  
budgeting without issue. 

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