[Freedom-misc] Parabola’s future on amd64, arm64, arm832, armel, armhf, armv6 with i686 drop?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Oct 11 01:03:59 CEST 2018

i dont like intel but i dont know of a single fully-free arm chip and it  
seems to complicate a lot without promising freedom. please, if im being  
unfair to arm be patient. to me it looks a lot like moving sideways rather  
than up. when i talked about cpus with alex oliva 6 years ago, we agreed that  
intel was bad and he didnt seem to think arm was a lot better. i dont mean to  
put words in his mouth. he recommended i get a lemote-- thats what i did.

but i deal mostly in refurbishing ewaste. im good at it. whenever it think  
ive moved to 64 bit, i find another useful 32 bit machine. thus i focus  
pretty exclusively on distros that have that choice.

how many arm-based machines lack a locked-down bootloader? i dont mean for  
machines you can buy new-- i mean for ones you can save from becoming  
e-waste. for all i dislike about intel (and it sure is a lot) im not worried  
about triggering dmca circumvention every time i try to install an operating  
system. i have dealt very little (if at all) with secure boot. ive turned it  
off. that dates it a bit, right?

short version: it sucks that they dropped i686. theres always connochaet os,  
i guess.

also i think hyperbola supports 32 bit. i hope they continue to. theres a  
bunch of things i could be wrong about in this post-- except the part about  
coming across mostly used 32bit stuff. i find thrown out 64bit stuff too,  
more and more. but we arent "there" yet in terms of likely used hardware.

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