[Freedom-misc] Parabola’s future on amd64, arm64, arm832, armel, armhf, armv6 with i686 drop?

hd-scania at users.sf.net hd-scania at users.sf.net
Thu Oct 11 00:44:27 CEST 2018

Just having looked for ArchLinuxARM and ArchStrike projects, they have good  
support on arm64, arm832 (32-bit armv8), armel, armhf, armv6 arches, but  
Parabola just has armhf supported. I’m just an amd64 user but I think I  
still need to be considerate for Chromebooks and single boards that are using  
ARM processors.
In ‘‘Trisquel users’’ zone I remember I’ve said there I want  
Parabola to add arm64, arm832, armel, armv6 ‘‘Tiers’’ and drop i686  
(I strongly prefer ARM to i686) to change to amd64, arm64, arm832, armel,  
armhf, armv6. Which the thread starter also asks for Trisquel on arches other  
than amd64 or i386 (although Parabola is rolling, Trisquel is LTS, totally  
opposed release model).

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