[Freedom-misc] Free software office suites smaller than LibreOffice?

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Tue Oct 9 18:44:02 CEST 2018

I was a bit busy recently but just did a test in virtual machine. I used the  
latest Debian (testing) Installer to perform a (not so) minimal installation.

I selected only KDE during installation. When finished, I edited  
/etc/apt/sources.list and updated the apt cache. Subsequently I run # apt  
install calligra

I was prompted to download 22 packages with a total size of 36.9 MB. 124 MB  
of disk space was used after extracting the packages. The Calligra suite  
included Words, Sheets, Stage and Karbon.

The conclusion is that with all KDE and Qt dependencies present, Calligra  
suite itself is not very bloated. I want to try it in details. However, I may  
need first to find an equation editor similar with LibreOffice Math.

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