[Freedom-misc] Re : CalmStorm: Make your Hyperbola more newbies friendly?

aether at disroot.org aether at disroot.org
Sat Oct 6 09:38:40 CEST 2018

I wrote a kind guide or memo (in French) to install Hyperbola (in various  
situations, like minimal, server, full disk encryption)
Maybe I will translate it some day.

It's not that hard though, follow Arch wiki & Gentoo wiki (for the OpenRC  
part and some neat tips as well)

Roughly :

1. Disk partitioning
2. format / mount / chroot & install base system with pacstrap
3. Configure keyboard layout, locales, network
4. Define what you need (X or not, multimedia, sound, editors etc..)
5. Enable OpenRC services you need (avahi, networkmanager, ssh, lightdm  
and reboot

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