[Freedom-misc] Is the OpenBSD kernel free software?

figosdev at users.sourceforge.net figosdev at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Oct 6 05:41:41 CEST 2018

im not even sure which project we are talking about here. if we are talking  
about libertybsd, cool. if we are talking about part of libertybsd, cool. if  
we are talking about something similar to libertybsd, also cool.

assuming we are talking about a free-as-in-freedom effort related to bsd  
(from what ive tried to gather so far) i figure its probably wise to avoid  
the gnu prefix unless youre creating something that the fsf brings under its  

(however, for those who are trying to make heads or tails of this like i am,  
i think when he says its "gnu" he is referring to the operating system.  
though if we are basing it on bsd, "gnus not unix." and bsd actually is! so  
it should probably be called "biu", for "biu is..." im mostly joking about  

but i like the ice prefix, so how about "icebsd" or (if "bsd" is problematic  
as it will likely prove to be) "ice software distribution." (isd)

there was briefly an incoming distro (or the equivalent thereof) called "rms  
mostly slax", i put it on my bootable fsf card-- it had kde 3.5 and it was  
pretty awesome. of course they didnt get to keep the name-- "slax" is  
non-free, etc. etc. etc. although i think gnu /probably has the right idea/  
when it forbids names referring to non-free operating system distributions,  
it still breaks its own rule by saying "gnus not /unix/." id rather be  
completely free than partly free given a simple choice between the two, but  
purity is always a goal fraught with complexity.

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