[Freedom-misc] Anybody got their Eoma68?

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Wed Oct 24 02:48:37 CEST 2018

 > I think if I were to buy one now I guess I would take the plunge and go for  
Libre Tea. I think I could manage to install a DE from the Command Line.

You could probably handle Parabola if you want to go for it. The hardest part  
is installing, which you won't have to deal with since it will come  
preinstalled with the Libre Tea. Everything else will get a little bit harder  
than with Trisquel, but you are proficient enough with the command line by  
now that you could manage it if you're willing to deal with a little initial  
inconvenience and learning.

 > But it's just ... So much money

The laptop is pretty damn expensive. If EOMA68 is successful, the modularity  
of the laptop will make future upgrades less expensive and should save money  
in the long run, but it's a very large initial investment.

The computer card and desktop housing are a more manageable investment. I've  
ordered one of each and plan to order a second desktop housing. I'll keep one  
desktop housing at home and one in my office, so that I only need to carry  
the computer card with me between those two locations. I also plan to use the  
computer card on its own as a car navigation system the way that a Raspberry  
Pi is used here.[1] (Currently I use my laptop and set my destination before  
I start driving, but it's inconvenient that I can't safely interact with it  
while driving.) I don't need these things that badly, but I want to support  
EOMA68 and I think they'll be useful enough to justify the purchase.

[1] http://ozzmaker.com/navigating-navit-raspberry-pi/

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