[Freedom-misc] What if RMS Really WAS President?

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Mon Jul 30 16:02:51 CEST 2018

"Did you conduct your experiment in a double-blind manner? That is to say,  
without knowing whether you were eating the organic or non-organic banana in  
each case? If not, your experience will be affected by the label."

Ah this question, it was on two different days, but I had no idea whether the  
organic one was organic.

Until after I tasted it of course.  I suspected it was organic immediately by  
the taste.  Not even kidding either.

"People being against something does not validate opposition to that thing or  
warnings against that thing. There are people who are against vaccines,  
probably the most miraculous life-savers of the modern era."

Vaccines do save lives whether people want to admit it or not, is up in the  
air. But yes, they do save lives and do not cause autism.

"I appreciate your honesty on this point. And I see a serious problem with  
your source, which you yourself seem to understand, but I will elaborate:  
people who work at organic stores have an ulterior motive, a business  
interest, to propagate a bad name for GM crops. Not as much as a salesman,  
mind, but I know that I am generally speaking loyal to my own employer, and  
some of my views align very well with the business of my employer. This may  
be because of my desire to help my employer succeed, or alternatively it  
might have been a factor that made me fit into its business environment so  
well. Either way, I know this was no accident, and would expect the same  
phenomenon with workers at organic stores."

Well, only a year before, I recently started working for one myself, though  
its hard to say, I am not the best person to debate on this I suppose,  
experts know far more than me probably.  aka professionals in the organic  
industry probably know way more than me.

I am a bit concerned though with anything government related regarding GMOs,  
because  the FDA has been bribed in the past to support GMOs/artifical foods.

Do remember that corporations have way too much power in the united states of  
america, they won't admit there is a problem unless it hurts their bottom  

Regardless of whether they are good or bad.  I really think that if nothing  
else, they should at least have a label on them that says whether they gmos  
or not and whether they good or bad.

"Aspartame is one of the most well tested substances on the market with  
thousands of peer-reviewed research papers, hundreds of which are safety  
tests. Certain individuals with a rare condition cannot consume aspartame,  
but for everyone else, unless you eat a ridiculous amount (around a few dozen  
cans of Diet Coke in a single day), there is no risk."

Dunno, I think of aspartame as being as bad as transfats, in the sense that  
no amount is good for you.

For your sake though, I hope the eating habits you have don't hurt you.  To  
be honest, excercise can mitigate some of the damage probably, which I need  
to do more, but even given this fact, I think I would be much heavier if I  

A drink green tea

B eat healthy

C exercise sometimes

D avoid artifical foods

That's about it,

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