[Freedom-misc] What if RMS Really WAS President?

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Mon Jul 30 07:10:21 CEST 2018

 > what sources count for you?

That would depend.

If it's science we're talking about (most likely), I would not find anything  
not supported by peer-reviewed research in respected scientific journals to  
be credible. That doesn't mean the research paper has to be your direct  
source, though. If you actually got your information from a blog, for  
example, I'd like to know about that source so I can verify whether or not  
the blogger properl understood the research he cited, and whether or not he  
cited good research at all.

But if it's not about science, then I can't think of any hard and fast rules  
for what constitutes a good source. I would say traditional journals are  
generally speaking more credible than blogs, but even that is not a hard and  
fast rule.

 > although GMOS I am told by people who work at organic stores, etc...

I appreciate your honesty on this point. And I see a serious problem with  
your source, which you yourself seem to understand, but I will elaborate:  
people who work at organic stores have an ulterior motive, a business  
interest, to propagate a bad name for GM crops. Not as much as a salesman,  
mind, but I know that I am generally speaking loyal to my own employer, and  
some of my views align very well with the business of my employer. This may  
be because of my desire to help my employer succeed, or alternatively it  
might have been a factor that made me fit into its business environment so  
well. Either way, I know this was no accident, and would expect the same  
phenomenon with workers at organic stores.

 > About all I know is that natural foods don't lead to long term weight gain  
as much as gmo foods/artificals.

That's not necessarily true, except perhaps to the extent that "organic"  
farming results in food that's more expensive and therefore serves as an  
incentive to eat less. You gave a good example shortly after:

 > foods, with high fructose corn syrup don't let you know your full as quick  
thus you gain more weight because even though it has less calories, you eat  
many times more trying to get the same amount of nurtients.

This is true, but it is a property not exclusive to high fructose corn syrup  
(which I should note is not necessarily a product of GM crops, though given  
that most corn these days is GM it's a safe bet that it usually is). It's a  
property of all sugars, including sucrose.

 > ps, I have tried organic bananas and organic mangos and compared them to  
the non ones, they are far more satisifying to me.

Did you conduct your experiment in a double-blind manner? That is to say,  
without knowing whether you were eating the organic or non-organic banana in  
each case? If not, your experience will be affected by the label.

 > well, you did say that gmo additives can save lives like it was fact,  
because you did say that they do save lives... I am confused as to how that  
is even possible.

The mechanism is typically by reducing rates of starvation (simply because  
more food = cheaper food = more people can eat), but in the case of golden  
rice, vitamin A deficiency can and does kill people in poor countries that  
golden rice is intended for:


 > but high fructose corn syrup, aspratame all cause cancer and they are  

Aspartame is one of the most well tested substances on the market with  
thousands of peer-reviewed research papers, hundreds of which are safety  
tests. Certain individuals with a rare condition cannot consume aspartame,  
but for everyone else, unless you eat a ridiculous amount (around a few dozen  
cans of Diet Coke in a single day), there is no risk.

 > People are very against gmos as well, shouldn't they have the right to  
know, if they are eating foods with them in it?

People being against something does not validate opposition to that thing or  
warnings against that thing. There are people who are against vaccines,  
probably the most miraculous life-savers of the modern era.

 > Well, I would like to see your evidence for why GMOS, save lives.

Sounds good. I've posted a paper of some kind that I found supposedly showing  
the harms of Vitamin A deficiency. I'll find some research regarding crop  
yields and the effectiveness of golden rice tomorrow (it's getting late right  
now), and also try to verify that paper regarding the harms of Vitamin A  

 > ps, this should probably be in the troll lounge otherwise it will eat up  
this area with a long dicussion about faith vs reason and gmos, etc...

I do agree with that, it's not really about libre software at this point. :)

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