[Freedom-misc] Linux-libre on POWER

jason at bluehome.net jason at bluehome.net
Mon Jul 30 04:08:37 CEST 2018

You're right that it's not necessarily the only solution.

Your description of RISC-V sounds like as of today. I find it helpful to not  
look at how things are today but how we want them to be a decade from now.  
Because that's probably how long it will take to evacuate the Titanic. And in  
that time RISC-V will have matured. From that perspective I find it to be an  
interesting candidate and am keeping an eye on it.

ARM is too, especially if the EOMA68 ever starts shipping. I continue to keep  
an eye on things like that as well.

While I'm trying to evaluate things from the perspective of software freedom  
I do acknowledge that POWER is expensive. Today. But keep in mind that I'm  
trying to look at things on a decade-long timespan and history has shown that  
the price of a given technology decreases as time moves on.

But, even if you want to look at how things are today, I feel I also need to  
point out that POWER is not necessarily more expensive than the other  
high-end computers of today.

My primary reason for doing this though is to call attention to the iceberg  
that we've hit, not to say what road to take. Indeed; it's probably better if  
we don't all go down one road because there's no way to know what is going to  
work out well for software freedom in the long term. Maybe it will be ARM.  
Maybe POWER. Maybe RISC-V. Maybe some combination. Maybe something else  
entirely that doesn't even *exist* right now. We've already hit the iceberg  
though. Indeed, as we go down by the head some might say that the water level  
on the boat deck at the front of the ship is already up to our knees. Many  
people standardizing on Intel has helped create this problem. Splitting up  
helps improves our odds of successfully getting out of it in this decade-long  

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