[Freedom-misc] What if RMS Really WAS President?

onpon4 at riseup.net onpon4 at riseup.net
Sun Jul 29 14:50:35 CEST 2018

 > GMOS are bad for your health

Do you have any evidence that all genetic modifications are detrimental to  
human health? Do you have a plausible mechanism by which every genetic  
modification can possibly be bad for human health whereas much more random  
gene selection systems like crop selection cannot?

 > just look at the problem monsantos caused with their patented gmo corn.  
(which is absurd, because it shouldn't be legal to patent corn)

Patents are not a problem caused by genetic modification. That can be fixed  
simply by not allowing genes to be patented, or even just by eliminating the  
patent system.

 > Going to stop you right there, food additives do not help save lives.

Since we're talking about genetic modifications here, genetic modifications  
can and do save lives. They do so by making much more efficient use of land,  
and also by being more nutritious (see golden rice, which has a potential to  
solve a serious Vitamin B deficiency problem in certain poverty-stricken  

 > I am just saying, artifical chemcials shouldn't be used in food, to clean  
your body, or put into your body.

GM crops are not "artificial chemicals". They're plants, no more "artificial"  
than the seedless bananas, giant corn, big and extra-sweet apples, rapeseed  
that produces more oil (canola oil), etc, etc, etc. All of these plants were  
artificially selected for certain traits. The end result is no different than  
GM. The only difference is that GM is a much faster, more targeted, and more  
efficient way of doing it.

 >  It is based on science that artifically made foods, such as fast food, and  
other lab made food is bad for your body.

No, it's based on the lipid hypothesis, a now discredited idea that was  
already greatly in dispute when the guidelines first began.

What "science" shows that "artificially made" food is necessarily bad for  
you? Because I look in nature and I see deadly nightshade, hemlock, asbestos,  
tobacco, and death caps. Then I look into what man has made, and I see  
low-calorie sweeteners, food that resists spoilage, supplements for people  
with nutritive deficiencies, and medicine that solves problems for all kinds  
of people, including potentially deadly ones.

 > Slashing regulations more often than not does damage to the country.

I would say it depends on what is being regulated.

Asbestos should be banned. Too bad it still isn't.
Leaded gasoline should be banned. Good thing it is.
Tobacco should be regulated. Good thing it is.
GM crops should not be regulated any more than any other crop. That is to  
say, if any regulation is to be on GM crops, it should apply to all crops.

 > It seems to me, you may support trump, am I wrong? Please tell me I am.

I was a Bernie supporter, voted Democrat for both the House and the Senate,  
and voted for Gary Johnson for President. Not that it's relevant.

 > So yeah, this is just bizzare that you think this.

I didn't see any reasoning for this statement. What part of that was the  
reasoning that my thinking that Fascism is unpopular in America is "bizarre"?

 > This is extremely offensive, Marxism/Leninism is a dictatorship. They are  
not left-wing at all or people would have VASTLY more liberty.

"Left" does not necessarily mean "liberal". Marxism-Leninism is left-wing,  
just an extremely authoritarian version of it. Do you not think the offense  
you feel at being loosely connected to Marxist-Lenenists is far less than the  
offense that conservatives feel at literally being called Fascists?

 > He [Donald Trump] is the largest threat to liberty that anyone has seen in  
an extremely long time.

I don't know about that. I think he's just another George W. Bush, albeit a  
slightly more entertaining one. Worst-case scenario, maybe Trump will cause  
another recession with bad economic policies. Then he'll leave office and  
someone else will come in.

Frankly, I think people living in dictatorships would find it highly  
offensive to implicitly compare a U.S. President whose policies you don't  
like to dictators who literally kill their opposition.

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