[Freedom-misc] What if RMS Really WAS President?

onpon4 at riseup.net onpon4 at riseup.net
Sun Jul 29 03:05:04 CEST 2018

 > I disagree, GMOs should be labeled and require testing.


Or, alternatively: and not bred crops because?

 > The FDA is an evil organization which needs to be uprooted and tossed into  
the sea, then rebuilt from the ground up, without the "rich people" able to  
bribe it.

Evil because it doesn't ban everything, or for some other reason?

You know, there are lives at stake here. If you ban a food or food additive  
that can save lives, that can be just as harmful as not banning a food or  
food additive that can destroy lives. So it would be irresponsible to just  
ban things left and right without reason.

Of course food companies are going to lobby, but that's not the FDA's fault.  
And if anything, it's the USDA that's become a tool of corporations, with its  
nonsense nutrition guidelines (hardly based on science) and promotion of the  
"organic" nonsense, where companies pretend that using more inefficient and  
dangerous farming practices from a century ago are somehow better than the  
conventional ones we use today. This is a bit of a tangent, but it's a  
travesty that companies are given a government-issued certification for using  
worse, outdated farming techniques, as if to encourage regression.

 > The tea party screwed up everything. They are the redcoats of old  

The Tea Party has nothing to do with these agencies. It's far too recent.  
Even GM crops far predate the Tea Party.

 > (though they are no longer really republicans or conseratives, they are  
more facists)

I don't think many people in the United States are Fascists. Fascism is a  
specific ideology championing devotion to your country, opposition to  
Communism, supreme rule, etc. It's completely at odds with, for example, the  
Second Amendment (the right to own guns, for any non-Americans reading this)  
and freedom of religion.

To be clear, no Fascist society that I'm aware of still exists. The only  
country that even comes close is North Korea, but they're not Fascist;  
they're a left-wing version, Marxism-Leninism ("Juche", more specifically).

That's of course really a side issue, though. Putting a label on someone's  
beliefs does not invalidate them, no matter how obvious it may seem to you  
that they are wrong. Maybe they are, but "it's Fascist" is not convincing to  
anyone; all it does is rile up people who already agree with you.

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