[Freedom-misc] A Facebook case

xdknight at dismail.de xdknight at dismail.de
Sun Jul 29 00:21:04 CEST 2018

My good friend became a victim of serious crime. I don't go into details, the  
topic is very delicate. Doesn't matter actually.

So police got the permission, given by prosecutor's (or judge, I am not very  
good at jurisprudence) decision to have fully access to accused's person  
Facebook account. Right now in trial Facebook's chat history is one the main  

 From one side Facebook is evil that they give access to government structures  
and secret police with ease. From the other hand in this case it is good  
because for my friend, that maybe justice will be done.

This is a bit dilemma. All things cannot be just black and white. I think.

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